UNESCO World Literacy Day, Sunday, 8 September 2013
Marcibányi Tér, Budapest


Alternative Secondary School of Economics Foundation with the help of  Marczi Community Space  and Reading Clinic have an ongoing series of programmes to publicize reading and literacy, the love of books. Now they decided to organize a major event.
The aim is: promoting reading as THE key competence, as the tool to a succesful later career which is also an ample source of joy and fun.

The event is: World Literacy Day, Sunday 8th September 2013

Building blocks of the programme, the invited participants, precise definition of local goals are decided through an ongoing consultation with Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO.  The obvious goal is forcefully communicating UNESCO’s fundamental message:

Program list is steadily getting enriched by joining more new participants and events.


Message of Hungarian World Literacy Day 2013 is:

„It is good to read. Reading well is joy.
Let everyone have the joy of reading!”

Participants and organising partners' mission is to help with attaining the capability to pleasurable reading. This family day at Marczibányi Community Space aims at this goal through deepening friendship of kids, parents and grandparents with books, reading and literacy.

This message of ours will be conveyed through the following conceptual approach:

  • Highliting BOOK as the classical medium of literacy.
  • Exhibiting books of the past and of future
  • Experiencing digital reading, hands-on ebook reader experiences
  • Discover ways to reading: activities, toys, crafts related to books and lettering
  • Experiencing the joy and fun of reading
  • Read, wherewer you are: Public inauguration and mass use of a book exchange spot
I have read it already, you can have it. Have you read that already, can I have it?”


We have placed all the elements of the planned programme to online surfaces, such as a Facebook World Literacy Day event, and uploaded YouTube videos. There will be, announced e.g.:

  • A child photo contest: „Me and my books”, „My favorite book in one picture.
  • A school-based project: „Load up a pic about a Reading Class!”
  • Announcements of book exchange programmes, promoting ways to join existing ones

In the weeks near to the event school links will be broadened, announcing the Literacy Day in schools, enlivening the flow of school related pics. The major stress of messages about love of books will be kept on love of reading.

  • Targeted announcement of the programme will happen through online media,  through link exchanges, mutual content share, involvement of bloggers.
  • To keep costs low
  • we start with setting up a Facebook event and keep up interest by uploading fresh, relevant and attractive content.
  • Joining to he event will be supported by active link exchange.

Attaching a webpage of supporters and fans has the aim to grow and activize online communities, such as:

  • Setting up new private reading circles, introducing ones already in operation
  • Giveaway opportunities of books and even libraries (including charity) in cooperation with public libraries, schools
  • Publishing personal accounts of reading experiences, reading journals
  • Book presentations
  • Author readings
  • Dedicating by american authors,

These messages will all flow together in the event’s day with a continuous, colorful set of programmes of exhibitions, readings, an array of book-related activities, kids activities throughout the spaces of Marczi Community Space.


Targeted involvement of bloggers:

Based on an audit of blogs we approach lifestile, culture, or other bloggers worth of cooperation with and mutually publish and promote targeted contents.  A first example is:
·         www.moly.hu biggest portal for bloggers about „books and friends”

Publishers, libraries, bookshops
  • Móra könyvkiadó – child literature
  • Library and Museum of Pedagogy: Exhibition of old primary schoolbooks and of formerly banned child literature
  • National Institute of Pedagogy
  • Institute of Education Research and Development
  • District Public Libraries, like the District II. Central Library (child programmes, book giveaway)
  • Central Statistic Library

Web related cooperation, joint publicity:

Company cooperation, product shows
  • XMS Apple Hungarian branch, Premium reseller
  • Fulbright program

Childrens activities and programmes
  • Ms Zsuzsa PILLINGER, kids fun hours about books and letters
  • Ms Eszter KOPOR kids playful reading activities, face painting
  • Ms Eszter Bauer „Treasure hunt” kids activity
  • Bookbinding workshop, kids activity
  • Ágnes Telegdy with Barnabás bear adventures
  • Víg Balázs as the writer of kids books with interactive tale telling stories
  •  Mariann Prakter activity with books
Lectures, presentations
  • Ms Lívia SZENTMARTONI (Univ. Professor, Head of Konfucius Institute, Univ. Szeged): Chinese symbols and letters in 30 minutes
  • Mrs Ilona KISS PhD: Why should you know works of Ulickaja? Russian Literature
  • Ms Petra ACZÉL, Professor, Corvinus University: Literacy issues in Hungary
  • Mr. István CSERNE, MD, psychotherapist: Struggling readers 
  • Daniel Nyikos Fulbright student about Creative Writing
  • Dr. Tibor Csík head of Library and Museum of Pedagogy
  • Andrea PÁsztor Csörgei: How books help in the process of fancy reading  
  • Dr. János Győri chairman of Hungarian Reading Association 
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Horváth 
And many others, hungarian and american authors, such as  Matt Henderson Ellis american Writer and Alexander Stemp english writer and gardener to present and dedicate their newly published book in Hungary.
The lists of partners, participants are growing day by day

Budapest, 2013 1th September